Arkheim Realms at War (Travian Games)

C’est le 21 Juillet 2020 que Travian Games, connus pour leur jeu portant le nom du studio, a lancé une toute nouvelle licence : Arkheim, Realms at War.

Disponible gratuitement ce MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Real Time Strategy) est jouable sur navigateur mais peut l’être aussi via une version logicielle sur PC et prochainement Mac. Il est également disponible sur Android et prochainement sur l’App Store.

Dans Arkheim, les nains et les elfes s’affrontent dans une guerre sans pitié. Le joueur doit rejoindre un royaume de joueurs composé de 8 à 16 joueurs. Le but est d’affronter d’autres royaumes en se constituant une armée, pour conquérir le plus de territoires à travers le PvP, des mondes ouverts et de grandes batailles.

Communiqué officiel (en) :

Arkheim – Realms at War’ Early Access Now Available in English & German
The new MMO strategy game from the makers of the timeless classic Travian: Legends

Munich, July 21st 2020 – Travian Games is pleased to announce the start of the first Arkheim – Realms at War server localized in both English & German languages. Arkheim – Realms at War is available on PC as well as iOS and Android, delivering a full cross-platform experience. Arkheim – Realms at War is a game that speaks to a wide audience – allowing players to dip their toes in the world of immersive strategy games, without being overwhelming.

Arkheim – Realms at War integrates all the latest innovations from the top strategy games including a safe single-player progression but is also characterized by two innovative components: team-based multiplayer action combined with massive real-time tactical battles.

“We wanted to design a game that keeps the competitiveness but also caters to players with less time to invest,” said Holger Miller, Game Director for Arkheim – Realms at War and one of the founders of Travian Games. “Another unique addition to the genre is that players can’t lose their village and single-player progress. This village is the economic backbone and can’t be attacked.”

“To have one of the founders of our company roll up his sleeves and give the traditional genre a good whirl provides great promise,” said Frederik Hammes, COO and Managing Director of Travian Games. “When designing Arkheim – Realms at War, our intent was to make accessible the fun and excitement of games like Travian: Legends to a broader audience. We have included all the latest innovations from the genre, but we also wanted to enable players to experience the mayhem of large-scale real-time tactical battles. You won’t find another strategy game like Arkheim – Realms at War where thousands of players interact and visualize their actions in real time over a single map, in a true cross-platform fashion.”

Structured in realms, players can choose what role they want to play: a realm leader who is highly active in the game or a realm member who contributes by providing troops and the underlying economy. Players can switch up their focus at any time. This variety of roles and approaches makes the game unique and like nothing you have seen before – without sacrificing the fun that a deep and captivating strategy war game should deliver. All of this is wrapped in a unique fantasy universe reminiscent of Tolkien’s fascinating world of elves and dwarves. Discover the new MMO fantasy war game and battle with thousands of players from all over the world in true cross-platform style – on PC and mobile.

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