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Après avoir annoncé comme pour 2019, une année record pour 2020 (autant qu’en vente qu’en vues sur différents réseaux), Wizards of the Coast a annoncé un nouvel event autour du personnage de Drizzt.

Cela débute avec un court-métrage sorti aujourd’hui narré par Benedict Cumberbatch et écrit par R.A. Salvatore et une vidéo présentant tous les événements à venir dans lesquels ont retrouvera Drizzt :

Communiqué officiel (en) :

Wizards of the Coast today announced a summer-long celebration of all things Drizzt Do’Urden, the iconic Dungeons & Dragons hero made famous in countless (30+) novels penned by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore.

Kicking things off is an animated short narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch and written by R.A. Salvatore released today:

Called “Sleep Sound,” the short introduces new fantasy fans to the hero and his Companions and debuts as part of a longer video hosted by B. Dave Walters that provides an exclusive look at all of the Drizzt offerings this summer including interviews with the developers of the Dark Alliance video game starring Drizzt and the Companions (June 22), new details about R.A. Salvatore’s newest Legend of Drizzt novel (August 3) and a preview of (3) new Magic: The Gathering cards from the upcoming Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set (July 23). The All Things Drizzt video can be found here:

“Born” in the 80s, Drizzt is very much as relevant today as he was then and continues to be a hero for new and old fans discovering or rediscovering him. He may not have the biggest sword but he does what is right even when it is the hard choice, with themes including:

  • The battle between our principles and beliefs and the things in our life that challenge them.
  • The evils and fundamental unfairness of racism, bigotry and other forms of narrow-minded thinking.
  • The strength of family, friendship, and loyalty.
  • The importance of living life fully and bravely.

In addition to videogames and novels, the Legend of Drizzt has action figures, Magic: The Gathering cards, Funko POP figures, Halloween costumes, t-shirts, replica scimitars and more. A live action tv show is in development with eOne entertainment and, although not focused on Drizzt, a movie set in the Forgotten Realms starring Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Rege-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, and Justice Smith is in production.

Below please find more information about the Sleep Sound animated short. Let me know if you need anything else in order to cover this for editorial purposes.


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